Revenue Making Streams of Agriya’s Recently Launced Car Rental Script - Rent&Ride

Car Rental Script - Rent&Ride

Agriya’s recently released car rental script - Rent&Ride not only have an excellent business model but also incorporated with immense revenue making options. It assists the entrepreneurs to run the car rental business in a profitable manner. It’s a big time for all promising entrepreneurs shot to fame in this business entity. Take a glance at the revenue making facilities integrated into our car rental software.    

Earning Possibilities Integrated in Car Rental Script

Take up your entrepreneurial career in this car rental business with the help of our software, gain both financial and non-financial benefits immensely. 

Car listing fee

When the new vehicle owner comes for listing their vehicles or the existing user’s logins to list their new cars, the webmaster gains money from the listing companies. 


Get revenue by listing the third-party promotional kind of advertisements in your website. Also, this add-on earning option helps to you to gain more popularity in the industry with ease.

Dropping charge

If the user drops the car other than the pickup station, then you have to send a driver to drive back the car. For getting back the car to the original place, the web site owner can charge a dropping amount from the users.

Car booking charge

This is an another exclusive revenue making option which brings in an optimum amount of money whenever the user books car listed on the website. The entrepreneurs can charge varied amount of money for various classification of the cars listed on the website.

Dispute commission

Any kind of breakages, specifications not met or any low feedback will be listed every now and then in your car rental website. For each kind of dispute, the webmaster has to make a right decision and give feedback to the problem. On clearing every dispute, the entrepreneurs can gain a definite commission amount for sure.     

Final word

Make use of this remarkable readily available car rental software to flourish well in this business entity profitably.
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